VVise Ħome ~ ∀n Ɨnvitation

house 4

For decades I have walked this trail alone; often having to clear the path first.
Along the way, I grew increasingly more distant from Asatru and Heathenry
for denying those who seek answers from Seiðr and Witchcraft,
from Cunningway and Wortcunning, from Hedgewitchery and Vanatru,
from Trolldom and Berserkergang, from Wiccecraeft and Runecrast,
and other mysterious and forgotten arts.

Much and more have I learned from Jötun and Gýgjar, only to have those
who know-nothing of such Old Ways cower in both ignorance and fear,
calling these practices “dark”, “new age”, or “not-Heathen”.

Wise Home is a Foundation where research and study walk with living practice,
so that the Old Ways of Old Europe will not be suppressed again. (Even if from within..)

What is WHF?
Wunjo . Hagal . Fehu ~ Is a learning hearth, and a safe environment to learn about,
study, explore, share, and practice one’s particular Old Way and Old European craft.

Wise Home is a network of individual Seiðus and Witches, Soulcrafters and Shamans;
a sanctuary for the Sacred Arts, and Safe Haven where one can learn, grow,
and share without fear of ridicule.

As Heathens and Pagans of the Old Ways, we have a great deal in common
especially our desire to personally evolve our self to Self.
In that each of us comes from varying backgrounds,
Wise Home Foundation aims to create a place where all our thoughts can be shared,
so that we each may learn, and perhaps augment our own personal reality.

With membership – $12 a year – you will have a central hearth,
a hub from which to learn from others, share your personal experience,
market your magic-wares, and become part of a larger whole of Hail and Holy individuals,
each seeking the Divine within and Magic throughout.

If you are ready to network in a Frithful place, removed from hate and racism,
where you can be open and free with others of like-spirit,
then you have found your Wise Home!

Regardless of your skin color, gender identity, or ethnicity,
if you have been called to practice, awaken to,
or carry-on the Old Ways of pre-Christian Europe,
then you have arrived at your Wise Home destination.

Membership is a doorway, through which you will be asked to explore
a wealth of information on Old Way history and symbols, language and song,
art and herbology, praxis, and more, as well as share and discuss
that information with others in a safe environment.

Upon confirmation of your annual membership of 12$, you will receive:
-a Letter of Welcome,
-an Original Seiðr Artwork, and
-Be granted access to the Wise Home Foundation Group on Facebook.

The table has been set .. your Soulcrafting kin and kith await!

Wunjo . Hagal . Fehu
Joy and the Application of Will
Skillful and Hidden Ways
Creativity, Personal Gain and Spirit

Seiðr is an organic and energetic path of Sacred Nature; one that resides within us,
closer than our breath. Seiðr yokes our physical self with our spiritual Self,
through the recognition and acknowledgment of the Soul.
That creative lifeforce manifests healing within the body and mind, then, overflowing, brings wholeness and holiness to all we meet.

Seiðr, akin to Saami Seida, means “soul, sacred, sanctify”.
From Proto Ind-European *sak- “to sanctify”, this idea found its way into all world culture,
because life itself is meant to be dedicated to that which “makes holy”.
The Old English word for sacred was godcund, meaning “divine spirit”;
which is why those who followed the way of Divine Nature were Sáwel-berend (OE),
and Seiðberendr (ON), both mean “Soul-, Sacred-Bearer”.

Eru Völva allar fra Víðulfi,

Vitkar allar fra Vilmeiðr,

Seiðbereindr fra Svarthöfði,

Iotnar allar fra Aurgelmir komnir.

All the Völva’s from Víðulfi,

All Vitki’s from Vilmeiðr,

Seiðbearers from Svarthöfði,

Jötuns all from Aurgelmir come.

All Wise Women from Far-Roaming Wolf

All Conscious Men from Chooser of the Long Beam

All Soul-bearers from Black Cloaked Woman

Gogs all from Primal Sound Come!

Hyndluljóð 33

From the Old comes the New, as flax to thread; the majesty and mystery of the
Wise Home traditions is woven anew within each generation –
at every mother and father’s knee.
Our longing to return to the family of Land, Sea, and Sky is undeniable,
for we are explorers of both the Over- and Underworlds,
the Dreamers of Dreams, and the transformers of awareness.

Membership is a doorway.
-To Know you must seek knowledge.
-To Will you must intend to grow.
-To Dare you must be heart-strong.
-To Be Silent you must be still. Silence is to be free from “disturbance, quarrel, rumor, discomfort, injury”. These are internal. In Silence we find Stillness,
and that is the heart of All Knowing.

Membership at Wise Home is about value content. Here you will find insight and intuition,
trust and communication, relevant content and indepth discussion;
versus having our innermost thoughts open to outsiders.
What we do is exclusive, so our conversation should be as well.
The Wyrd Ways of Seidr and Witchcraft are not open for public debate,
nor are the delicate early stages of ideas ~ that require nurturance over hinderance.

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